Step 1: Start Your Registration

_MG_0364 Hey! We’re glad that you want to join us in Paso. However, please do not start your registration until you confirm with your boss (at home and at work) and with your banker that you will be able to attend. It’s not [cool, polite, respectful] to tie up a seat if you are just thinking about coming. Again, please don’t proceed unless you are ready, willing and able to attend. So, here are the next few steps:
  1. You’ll submit an application request via the “Step 2: Choose Your Workshop” link below.
  2. You’ll receive an email confirmation that we’ve received your application.
  3. For Intermediate and Advanced workshops, you’ll need a portfolio review. Might as well get that started.
  4. After the review, we’ll let you know if a seat is available and, if so, send you payment instructions. (If the workshop is sold out, we’ll add you to the waiting list.)
  5. You’ll remit payment within 24 hours via our online portal. Checks are accepted from local students only.
  6. Once you’ve paid, we’ll send you a confirmation that you are officially in the workshop.
Please read our Policies page before starting the registration process. There is a lot of extra work when someone signs up and then backs out. So, a portion or all of your tuition will not be refundable once you are officially registered. Please do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until after we confirm that you are in a workshop.

Then Go To Step 2: Choose Your Workshop


Click Here > To Choose Your Workshop

Save $100 By Paying In Full*

You can save $100 on your 5-day workshop by paying in full at the time that you complete your registration. You’ll have an opportunity to tell us that you want to do this when you submit your registration. We’ll send you an invoice with the $100 savings on it. * offer valid only on 5-day workshops.

Installment Plan For 5-Day Workshops

If you wish to pay for your 5-day workshop on an installment plan, we’ll be happy to set that up for you. If you register more than 90 days before the start of the workshop, we’ll invoice you for an initial payment of 25% of the workshop tuition to complete your registration. Then, we’ll invoice you for three additional installments of 25% that are due 90-, 60- and 30-days before the workshop. The balance is due in full no later than 30 days prior to the start of the workshop. If you register 60-90 days before the workshop, we’ll split the payments into thirds. If you register 30-60 days before the workshop, we’ll split the payments into halves. Registration within 30 days of the workshop requires payment in full (but hey, you’ll get the $100 discount). * offer valid only on 5-day workshops. IMG_1858

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